Langdon Street Alive began in the summer 2016 as a public arts project with the installation of a series of art and architectural installations along the length this one-block street, to create a new civic space that will add social and economic vitality to our downtown.  

Two monumental pieces were installed at each end of the street: the Floral Bridge sculpture at Elm Street and the Gateway at Main Street. Between these two bookends site-specific pieces were commissioned, including murals, sculptures, photographs, a seating area, trees, and creative streetscaping. Langdon Street Alive is a Tactical Urbanism project, at type of a project characterized by its low cost, high impact objective of quickly improving the character of our community.

Again during the summer of 2017, Langdon Street will be the setting for installations and community events that will bring the City to life this summer, showing how a street can perform a higher civic role when not dominated by cars. Langdon Street is an ideal setting for this project due to its compactness and existing charm, and because its central location means the project will impact the entire downtown.


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All photography provided by Ward Joyce

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