OUR firm

For the last three years Ward Joyce Design has facilitated Open Space projects in Montpelier that create soft spots downtown where families and friends can gather in comfort along the street. These Tactical Urbanism projects illustrate what our city, or any city, can look like when automobiles don't so completely dominate the public realm.

Our Mission

To provide planning and design leadership on Public Open Space projects that create vibrant and pedestrian-friendly down towns. Langdon Street Alive will transform an unexceptional city block in Montpelier into a civic space infused with public art and sculpture, creating an exciting new setting for community events. The project will bring folks together to create a more healthy community through civic engagement, public art, bike & pedestrian improvements, and downtown beautification.


“Ward Joyce has been a major force in bringing creative public spaces to downtown Montpelier. The Parklet he created last year gave residents a way to think differently about the use of public space. That led to the Pocket Park he installed this year, which has been tremendously popular and very successful in bringing individuals together in an outdoor area downtown. I look forward to working with Ward On future plans to make better use of our public places”.
— John Hollar, Mayor of Montpelier
“Montpelier is quite fortunate that Ward Joyce is directing his creative vision and contagious energy toward improving the downtown streetscape. Our organization is happy to support his project and we hope to partner with him on several outdoor events on Langdon Street this summer and fall.”

- Sarah Jarvis, President of the Board of Directors for Montpelier Alive

How we plan to Achieve our goals:

Langdon Street Alive Steering Committee is made up of the following individuals: 

  • Sarah Jarvis, Montpelier Economic Development Corp. Board member, Attorney, VT League of Cities and Towns
  • Stephen Frey, Architect & President, Arocordis Design
  • Kevin Ellis, Partner, Ellis Mills Public Affairs & local activist
  • Gary Holloway, Downtown Program Coordinator, State of Vermont
  • Sarah DeFelice, Owner, Bailey Road
  • Rob Hitzig, local artist & Montpelier Alive Design Committee
  • Ward Joyce, Principal, Ward Joyce Design & Adj. Prof. of Architecture @ Norwich Univ.
  • Paul Boffa, local school teacher and musician
  • Marni Leikin, Director of Grad. Studies, Vermont College of Fine Arts
  • Ben Cheney, local craftsman and teacher of design/build @ Yestermorrow

Students from three local schools worked on the project design: 

  • Montpelier High School - 3D modeling of street and floral bridge design
  • Vermont Technical College - Site assessment and intervention concepts
  • Vermont College of Fine Arts - Graduate students to produce "Community Arts" event, Kids' Camp Art Show & Music Composition Performances.

We continue to collaborate with these groups:

  • Montpelier Alive
  • Arocordis Design
  • Vermont College of Fine Arts
  • Vermont Design Institute
  • Community Workshop, L.L.C.
  • City of Montpelier
  • Local businesses
  • Local artists and residents

How will we measure success on this project:

Because small scale urban projects of this sort are all about testing and learning from change. They are best understood by user feedback, both casual and through surveys that are properly designed by a social scientist. We will do a small social research project that interviews users of the street and asks them questions like:

•           Has Langdon Street Alive improved your perception of downtown Montpelier?

•           Do you think L.S.A. has improved Langdon Street?

•           Has L.S.A. made it more likely that you will spend time downtown?

•           Has L.S.A. improved your business sales as compared to previous years?

•           Has L.S.A. changed your ideas about the City’s parking issues and the question of making some streets for pedestrians?